Nantong Export Brand are launched in Uzbekistan, accelerating their entry into the Central Asian market


The 25th UzBuild officially opened on February 27, 2024 at the Tashkent National Exhibition Center. This "2024 Nantong Export Brand Overseas Trip - UzBuild" organized a total of 11 high-quality Nantong companies to participate in the exhibition. UzBuild exhibits cover hardware tools, interior decoration, kitchen and bathroom supplies, building materials, HVAC, construction Supporting equipment, construction machinery, etc., attracted many professional purchasers and provided a good platform for Nantong enterprises to explore the Central Asian market.




The total area of this exhibition is about 15,000 square meters, with more than 400 exhibitors from more than 20 countries participating. The total number of visitors from Uzbekistan and surrounding countries is expected to exceed 10,000. The products of exhibitors such as Jiangsu Tengya, Nantong Qiande, Jiangsu Libang, Gao Lebo Electrical Appliances, and Jiangsu Mengjini were widely welcomed by the audience. Through face-to-face communication at the exhibition site, a large number of foreign companies have reached preliminary cooperation intentions with Nantong companies.


The UzBuild is the largest and highest-level building materials and interior decoration exhibition in Uzbekistan. The exhibition has received strong support from the Uzbekistan Construction Industry Association and has been successfully held for 24 sessions. During the exhibition, many economic and trade magazines, mass media and TV stations in Tashkent carried out extensive publicity and reports on the exhibition, which attracted widespread attention from industry insiders.


Since the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Uzbekistan, mutual trust between the two governments has continued to deepen. China has now surpassed Russia and become Uzbekistan's largest trading partner. With the economic development of Central Asian countries and the expansion of infrastructure construction, there is an urgent need for urban development and social infrastructure investment. As an important part of urban development, residential construction is a hot spot for future infrastructure construction, and the market potential is very broad.


The UzBuild is an important step for Nantong export products to enter the Central Asian mainland market. Under the guidance of the Nantong Municipal Commerce Bureau, the company adopted an online + offline exhibition mode, with "physical exhibition + digital exhibition + online trade" approach continues to release the power of exhibitions, help companies expand the market, win orders, and ensure that exhibitors achieve a double harvest of online and offline channels.


During the exhibition, the Nantong Municipal Commerce Bureau also specially organized a matchmaking meeting between Chinese and Uzbekistan enterprises. More than 30 buyer representatives from Uzbekistan came to the matchmaking meeting to discuss cooperation-related matters face-to-face with Nantong exhibitors and gain an in-depth understanding of Uzbekistan’s building materials and home textile industries. The current situation and future development trends will pave the way for further economic and trade cooperation between Nantong and Central Asia.


As an important platform for friendly communication and negotiation between Chinese and Uzbekistan enterprises, this UzBuild provides Nantong enterprises with an opportunity to expand the market and lays a good foundation for enterprises to enter the Central Asian market. "Nantong Export Brand Overseas Trip" will continue to be committed to exploring international markets, strengthening foreign business exchanges, and bringing more business opportunities to Nantong enterprises.

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